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Project Brief

Pierson Luscy

The Swift Snack is a pet toy that helps pet lovers entertain their pets when they are not around by acting like an animal of prey that plays dead when attacked. We want to do this by making a silicone bone that has wheels that dispense food at random.

In researching the standard pet ball, we found that there were many unaddressed problems, including the pet getting their mouth stuck on the ball, boring, design and cheap materials. We also believed that if someone is going to pay money, they should get more value. Our brand believes people should stop settling for a mediocre product and should demand more for their pet’s entertainment. The Swift Snack allows your pet to be entertained and, most importantly, safe.

In addition to being safe and entertaining, our pet toy needed to be different from the vast array of others on the market. To do that, we needed to think outside the box. We decided to make this pet toy move on its own and able to sense pressure from your pet so it could mimic an animal by playing dead. With this idea, we are hoping there are many opportunities for us, but more importantly, you.

We did not get much customer feedback, but we were told that it needs to be more specific, but easier to explain. We wanted to brand our product as something that is completely different from what people are used to. To do that, we showed people precedents and then showed them what would happen if it moved. For the future, we are hoping to show this to as many people as we can because we believe there will be one person that believes in us.

Project Brief

Brandan Garrido

The Cage 'n Desk is a foldable desk that allows pet owners to be more mobile. The specially-designed pet cage at the bottom folds into a suitcase you can take with you while you travel.

The initial prototypes were cardboard but the final design will be made of wood with leather strap connections. The only way we could get this to fold is to have a leather strap connection from a side to the bottom of the desk. It folds with two sides up and a back to the desk. The sides fold in first to create a flat surface and then the back folds on top of that. Attached to the back is a strap for the suitcase carrier. 

 We tried to use a hinge connection for about 15 weeks and it did not work. Finally, we figured out that the strap connection would allow the sides to fold correctly. We used the strap on a wood platform to finish the final product. The base will also be made of wood and fold similarly to the top of the desk. Our target audience are traveling pet owners that are always on the go. The cage is to suit the size of the animal because it will be big enough to house any dog. It should be a mobile, comfortable way to bring a dog around. 

Cage 'n Desk

Dyani Robarge
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Project Brief- CatPod

Tomohiro Niwano

CatPod is a portable, hexagonal kennel designed for cats. Its hexagonal design allows the pet owner to use space more efficiently.

The main reason why this product exists is to provide the cat owners a more clean and efficient alternative to the kennels that are currently available on the market. While most kennels are either made of fabric or metals, CatPod will be made out of plastic called HDPE. This will allow the cat owners to wash the pod when needed, keeping their cat clean, happy and healthy. The CatPod's main feature is its modularity. People who owns multiple cats could have a pod for each, and stack the pods in in any way they prefer. With its hexagonal shape, pods will form a structurally-stable honeycomb structure that uses the space very efficiently. CatPod will also have doors on its side panels, allowing the cats to have more freedom. They may also interact with other cats by moving from one pod to the other. 

The design process of this product was very straight-forward, but as it developed, more time was spent on designing the sliding mechanism for the pods. This is the most important part of this product because this mechanism allows the users to slide the pods together and apart, so that they could take to pods with them to the outside if they need to. Another aspect of the design development includes the lid's lock mechanism, which potentially could be replaced with either magnets or velcro to reduce time. 

As the project entered the final design phase, CatPod's main focus shifted towards the high-end market, targeting consumers who wants luxurious products for their cats. CatPod can provide the cats with luxurious experience, while maintaining modularity and portability.


Final Project Brief

Ethan Gettys

The Ramp N’ Go is a specialized product made to make transporting with large dogs less stressful for both the owner and the animal. 

Although our product is primarily marketed to anyone with a large dog. Our target audience is women and the elderly who might have trouble picking up a large dog. This product can also be used in animal shelters in the trucks that are used to bring dogs back to the animal shelter, which will hopefully get adopted. This product is designed to be easy to use for any type of person and any type of dog.

The Ramp N’ Go is a ramp that folds into a dog bed that can be easily stored in a car. The ramp itself folds into a box to minimize the amount of space it will take up. The top of the box is a dog bed, so once your dog goes up the ramp it can lay down and be comfortable in your car. This feature also helps to prevent dogs from panicking and making a mess in the car. The bed is easy to clean and machine washable. Overall the Ramp N’ Go is here to make your dog’s life and your life easier.

Project Brief

Brenley Rinaudo

For owners with larger dogs, traveling can be a pain. The Ramp 'n Go is designed to make traveling with a large dog easier for the owner and more comfortable for the dog.

The ramp is designed to allow the dog get into car on its own. The owner pulls the ramp out like a drawer. This means the owner does not have to attempt to lift the large dog into the car. The ramp folds out of a bed. This bed gives the dog a comfortable spot in the car while traveling. The bed cushion is made of the softest fabric and most comfortable stuffing. Having a comfortable dog makes traveling easier and more enjoyable! 

Give a thorough description of how your design process developed this semester. What designs worked, what didn't, and how did you overcome these challenges?  Include an explanation of how market research and customer feedback played a role in the design of your product. Tell us why decided to brand and market your project idea the way in which you did. As an entrepreneur, what is your vision for this project?

project Brief

Austin Jemison

When you have a large dog, or maybe even an older dog, it can be tough to get to get them into the car. This is a problem when traveling to the park, road trips, or even just taking your dog to the vet. So, to streamline the process and make it easier we made a ramp system that pulls out and is placed on the ground so that a dog can simply walk up the ramp rather than be lifted into the car by their owner. We even took canine comfort into consideration and added a bed and food and water bowls to the top of the ramp to ensure that your pet is comfortable when using our product. With few competitors making a design like ours we at first thought it would be hard to find a target audience. We are aiming to attract people with large dogs, as well as people with old dogs, along with older people in general. It can be hard for someone of age to bend over and pick up their dog, even if the dog is smaller. 

Ramp N' Go Presentation

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