Creature Comforts

Studio Brief

Dyani Robarge

Whether it be chew toys, tasty treats, or over-the-top accessories, humans love to indulge their four-legged friends. In this studio, students will put their entrepreneurial skills to work as they research and develop interesting products that appeal to animals seeking permanent homes. In addition, they will also look into the market of animal alternatives for owners who seek the comfort of owning a pet but cannot keep one. Creatures and caretakers at the Denham Springs Animal Shelter shelter will serve as 'clients' for the students, wherein product ideas will stem from the specific needs and personality traits of the animals themselves.

They will then create physical prototypes to test the feasibility of their ideas and gain greater insight into the entrepreneurial process. In addition to building physical models, students will focus on the importance of articulating proposed ideas both verbally and visually to an audience.