Neuroplasticity and Communication

Studio Brief

Dyani Robarge and Kealy Duke

Words matter, and how we communicate internally and externally affect these interpersonal interactions and our mental health.

Students in this studio will look at ways in which neuroplasticity can be harnessed to affect behavior, thus enabling us to create positive change within ourselves. How can our understanding of the inner workings of the brain change the way in which we view the world? Through studying human behavior through the lens of brain science we will deconstruct the structure of the self-help book, as well as the psychological way in which we as readers respond to self-help. The self-help book teaches us to recognize behavioral patterns we possess as a way of guiding change and direction in our lives. By working with the rules of the brain, the self-help author offers a means of programming the subconscious. Throughout the semester, students will record their thoughts and ideas through creative forms of documentation. They will then use these collected works as a springboard for both personal growth and public communication.